William Gant
PDVD 007
William Gant as seen in court
First appearance "The Target" (episode 1.01)
Last appearance "The Detail" (episode 1.02)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Bird Hilton
Occupation Maintenance Man
Aliases Willy
Gender Male
Age 43 (deceased)
Date of Death June 2nd 2002
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Unnamed Cousin
Episode Count 2 episodes
Portrayed by Larry Hull

William Gant is a man who works maintenance, he is one of eye witnesses against D'Angelo, portrayed by Larry Hull.

Character storylineEdit

Season OneEdit

William Gant testifies as a state witness against D'Angelo Barksdale in the 221 building's at the murder of Pooh Blanchard, D'Angelo beats the murder, later he is shot in the back of the head, Marquis "Bird" Hilton gets arrested as Stick Up Artist Omar Little tells the authorities that he saw him shoot him, when Omar testifies Bird is sent to jail for life without parole, later in season Three William Gant is mentioned by his cousin when he said "My cousin Willy Gant went downtown and testified and he deader than 2pac today.