Anthony Gray
The Wire Gray
First appearance "Time After Time" (episode 3.01)
Last appearance "Margain of Error" (episode 4.06)
Reason/Cause Lost re-election to Tommy Carcetti
Occupation Councilman
Aliases Tony
Gender Male
Age 30s
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Children None
Kill Count None
Episode Count 12 episodes
Portrayed by Christopher Mann

Tony Gray is a councilman portrayed by Christopher Mann.

Character storylineEdit

Season ThreeEdit

"Tony" Gray first appeared as a Democratic Baltimore Councilman in season three, working alongside his good friend Tommy Carcetti on the public safety subcommittee. Gray becomes disillusioned with Mayor Royce and uses his position on the committee to berate senior police officials including acting commissioner Burrell. Gray decides to run for mayor on an education platform; Carcetti encourages the decision, manipulating him to run. Gray hopes that Carcetti would join his campaign with a position as council president as a reward, but Carcetti plans to run for mayor himself, and is hoping Gray will split the black voting majority and allow him to win. This deception upsets Gray and destroys their friendship.

Season FourEdit

In season four, Gray continues his stalling campaign. Carcetti's deputy campaign manager Norman Wilson feeds Gray a story about the police department covering up the murder of a state's witness. Gray took the story public, because he knew it would hurt the Mayor and help his campaign, which will help his political future even though he can't win. Gray was shown attending church with his wife on the eve of the election. Gray ultimately loses his election campaign to Carcetti.


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