Tim Phelps is the editor of the paper's State Desk portrayed by Thomas J. McCarthy.

Character storylineEdit

Season FiveEdit

Phelps is particularly displeased to be beaten to a story by the Daily Record. Phelps is a smoker and often spends time on the loading dock with his colleagues Gus Haynes, Roger Twigg and Jeff Price.


  • He is named after Timothy Phelps, the state editor during David Simon's tenure at the Baltimore Sun.
  • Phelps is played by actor Thomas J. McCarthy. Another journalist character named Scott Templeton is played by a different Thomas McCarthy. In the David Simon-written Homicide: Life On The Street episode "Wu's On First", Thomas J. McCarthy played a Baltimore Sun editor who has come from Philadelphia obsessed with winning Pulitzers, not unlike Whiting or Klebanow.

Gus Haynes - Scott Templeton - Alma Gutierrez - Thomas Klebanow - James Whiting - Mike Fletcher - Tim Phelps - Steven Luxenburg - Jay Spry - Jeff Price - Bill Zorzi - Roger Twigg

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