is a fictional drug dealer portrayed by Curtis Montez.


Sterling is a drug dealer in the low rise projects (known as "the pit") under D'Angelo Barksdale.

Season OneEdit

Sterling is in charge of the crew's stash of narcotics, giving vials of drugs to the runners when needed. When Omar Little robs the crew, Sterling refuses to tell him where the stash is hidden and Omar shoots him in the kneecap. When Stringer Bell asks D'Angelo to flush out leaks in his team, D'Angelo discovers that Sterling (along with Cass) is stealing from him. He lets them off with a warning and a demotion to lookouts. When Bodie Broadus takes over "The Pit", Sterling is involved in his efforts to drive off a rival crew and is seen wielding a baseball bat alongside Bodie and Poot Carr.

Season TwoEdit

Sterling is usually seen as a background character, can be seen in The Pit with Poot or in 221 with Bodie.

Season ThreeEdit

Mostly a background character in Bodie's corner.