First appearance "Hamsterdam" (episode 3.04)
Last appearance "-30-" (episode 5.10)
Reason/Cause End of Season
Occupation. Drug dealer
Aliases Spider
Gender Male
Age 18

Affiliations Michael Lee
Bodie Broadus
Cutty Wise (formerly)
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Kill Count None
Episode Count 16
Portrayed by Edward Green

Spider is a fictional character on HBO drama The Wire, portrayed by Edward Green.

Character storylineEdit

Season 3Edit

Spider is a teenage drug dealer working for Bodie Broadus in season three. He also boxes at Dennis "Cutty" Wise's community gym. He is first seen at Howard "Bunny" Colvin's disastrous meeting with young drug dealers to convince them to move to his tolerant zones. Bodie later puts him to work in "Hamsterdam". He is one of the dealers robbed in the house jewellery set-up. Along with Justin he is singled out for fighting by Ellis Carver who introduces him to Cutty.

Season 4Edit

Spider befriends Justin and becomes a regular user of the gym by season four. Cutty alienates Spider when he sleeps with his mother and shortly afterwards he returns to the corner. He is then seen in the same crew as Sherrod and later with Bodie's crew. After Bodie is murdered by one of Stanfield's crew members at the end of season 4.

Season 5Edit

Spider is seen working under Michael Lee at the beginning of season 5. He beats up Duquan "Dukie" Weems in "React Quotes" after Dukie knocks down Kenard. Spider is last seen in the season 5 series ending montage as the new crew chief of Bodie's and Michael's former corner. Spider's ending signifies the beginning of a new generation of drug lords and renewed cycle of the drug trade.

Stanfield Organization

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