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Sapper as seen in the funeral home
First appearance "Dead Soldiers" (episode 3.03)
Last appearance "Mission Accomplished" (episode 3.12)
Reason/Cause Incacerated
Occupation. Enforcer/Prisoner
Aliases Sap/Sapper
Gender Male
Age 20s
Date of Conviction December 19th 2004
Affiliations Barksdale Organization
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count None
Episode Count 6 episodes
Portrayed by Brandon T. Tate

Sapper is is a young idiotic Barksdale Organization enforcer, portrayed by Brandan T. Tate


Season 3Edit

He often works with Gerard, and seems to be the dumber of the two. He is probably best remembered for enthusiastically uttering the line "like a forty-degree day!" as he misunderstands a speech from Stringer Bell. Sapper is first seen guarding the back door during an attempted heist by Omar Little. Gerard, Sapper and Dennis "Cutty" Wise were charged with finding a thief in the Barksdale organization. Cutty's experience made the task simple and Gerard and Sapper punished the culprit with a savage beating. Gerard and Sapper were later thrown out of Avon Barksdale's homecoming party when Barksdale saw them come in high. Gerard and Sapper are later involved in the attempted shooting of Omar's grandmother in violation of the Sunday truce. They are ordered by Avon Barksdale to replace a hat that they damaged in this unsanctioned action. Sapper is arrested for weapons violations at the Barksdale safehouse.

Barksdale Organization

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