Rupert Bond
First appearance "Unto Others" (episode 4.07)
Last appearance "-30-" (episode 5.10)
Reason/Cause End of season
Occupation Prosecution state attorney
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 30s
Spouse Unseen wife
Children None
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 9
Portrayed by Dion Graham

Rupert Bond is a fictional character on HBO drama season The Wire, portrayed by Dion Graham.


Rupert Bond is a politically ambitious African American prosecuting attorney.

Season FourEdit

In the fourth season he is campaigning against incumbent Steven Demper to become the Maryland State's Attorney for Baltimore City. Demper is supported by Mayor Royce. Bond maintains a lead against Demper throughout the campaign and is initially viewed with skepticism by Rhonda Pearlman. She claims that if Demper loses, the new front office will demote her because of her race in majority African American Baltimore. Royce and Demper both lose in the election, and Bond is elected State's Attorney. Bond promotes both Ilene Nathan and Pearlman whom he admires as good prosecutors. In a meeting with newly elected Mayor Tommy Carcetti, Bond is opposed to legalizing gambling in Baltimore due to the crime increase that comes with casinos.

Season FiveEdit

In the fifth season Bond is focused on convicting corrupt Maryland State Senator Clay Davis. He convinces Carcetti to grant him a small police detail to pursue the case when the Major Crimes Unit is closed down due to funding cuts. Council President Nerese Campbell believes Bond is interested in the high profile conviction in order to raise his profile and believes Bond will contest her run to replace Carcetti as mayor of Baltimore. Carcetti backs Bond's desire to keep the case local out of fear that the Republican federal prosecutor will use the case to create a scandal for Carcetti's own Democratic Party. New developments in the Davis investigation provide an opportunity to take the case federal but Bond elects to ignore the potential for a new charge to keep the case as his own. Bond has Pearlman bring Davis in for a Grand Jury deposition and stages a photo opportunity as Davis leaves the courthouse. Clay Davis however turns the tables during the trial rallying Baltimore's African American community with the support of influential figures such as high profile attorney Billy Murphy and former mayor Clarence Royce. As Davis is called to the stand, he mockingly refers to Bond as "Prosecutor Obonda" (Most likely in reference to Barack Obama) and charms the majority African American jury into believing that all of the questionable income he has allegedly collected has been sent back to help solve various community problems. Davis is then found not guilty, after which follows a celebration outside the courthouse to the shock of Bond and Pearlman.


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