Ray-Ray is a  lieutenant of Marlo Stanfield through season 3 & 4. He is a background character all through, but helps the organization like kidnapping Little Kevin so Chris & Snoop can take him to a vacant rowhouse and kill him, when Avon Barksdale starts a war with Marlo's crew, Chris & Marlo get the crew to defend the corners Ray-Ray is seen with the dealers and shoots 2 of Avon's enforcers and 1 of them manages to flee out the Stanfield corner in time as Ray-Ray and one of Marlo's dealers are in the middle of shooting the 2nd barksdale soldier down and he also threatens to shoot Johnny Weeks when Johnny & Bubbles push the trolley with stolen junk down the hill and accidently crash the trolley on his car, that is also Marlo's first scene in the series.

In season 5 Ray-Ray is not seen again, his name isn't seen on Omar Little's kill list when detective Bunk Moreland has a look at the list of the people who Omar was going to kill while Omar's death was being investigated when he was shot by Kenard (a little kid) in the grocery store.

Murders committed by Ray-RayEdit

  • Chipper: Shot through a car window with the other Stanfield dealers. (2004)
  • Country: Executed by Ray-Ray and another Stanfield dealer. (2004)

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