Phil Boy talking to Stringer
Phil Boy is a New Day Co-Op member portrayed by Sho 'Swordsman' Brown.


Phil Boy is another portly kingpin who joins the Co-Op, though he does not attend the initial formation meeting. He is noticeably younger than his colleagues, and he can be recognized by the do-rag he always wears.

Season ThreeEdit

He and Fat Face Rick accompany "Proposition Joe" Stewart when he gives Stringer Bell the ultimatum, to either end the war with Marlo Stanfield or lose access to the high-quality heroin.

Season FourEdit

Philboy is part of the quorum that confronts Stewart after Omar Little steals their shipment of narcotics.

Season FiveEdit

Phil Boy continues to attend Co-Op meetings in the fifth season. He is also present at the first meeting of the re-formed Co-op following Marlo's downfall in the series finale.

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