Old Face Andre
The Wire Old Face
First appearance "Soft Eyes" (episode 4.02)
Last appearance "Know Your Place" (episode 4.09)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Chris Partlow
Occupation. Drug dealer and store manager
Aliases Dre
Gender Male
Age 50s (deceased)
Date of Death November 12th 2006
Affiliations Stanfield Organization
Spouse Unnamed girlfriend
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count None
Episode Count 6 episodes
Portrayed by Alfonso Christian Lover

Old Face Andre is a fictional character on Season 4, portryayed by Alfonso Christian Lover.

Character storylineEdit

Andre is a West side convenience store owner whose store serves as a stash house for Marlo Stanfield.

Season 4Edit

He gets into Marlo's debt when the stash is robbed by Omar Little. Marlo is unforgiving and takes Andre's prized ring as a punishment. When Marlo is robbed by Omar himself (losing Andre's ring in the process), he includes Andre in his plan to get revenge on Omar. Chris Partlow murders a delivery woman in the store, telling Andre to call the police and say Omar did it. At an interrogation with Detectives Crutchfield and Holley, Andre is given a photo array of suspects where he quickly identifies Omar as responsible. Detective Bunk Moreland believes Omar is innocent, and visits Andre's store. After seeing the crime scene, Bunk disproves Andre's identification of Omar. Holley and Bunk bring Andre in on a subpoena to court. Bunk asks the grand jury prosecutor what a perjury charge carries (10 years maximum) causing Andre to retract his original story. Andre looks to Proposition Joe for protection from Marlo, not realizing Marlo has recently joined Proposition Joe's New Day Co-Op. Andre grudgingly gives Proposition Joe ownership of his store in exchange for $2,000 and a safe ride out of Baltimore. Instead of taking Andre out of town, Slim Charles escorts him to a back alley where he is greeted by Marlo's enforcers Chris and Snoop. Chris rebukes Andre's plea to not hide his body in a vacant building but promises to keep it quick as they walk off into the night.

Murders connected to Old Face AndreEdit

  • Delivery woman: shot by Chris during a robbery and to set up Omar for a murder charge.