Darius Hill
Image 0002
First appearance "Refugees" (episode 4.04)
Last appearance "Late Editions" (episode 5.09)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Occupation. Drug enforcer
Aliases O-Dog
Gender Male
Age 17

Affiliations Stanfield Organization
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count One
Episode Count Eight
Portrayed by Darrel Britt-Gibson

Darius "O-Dog" Hill is a is a teenage soldier on The Wire portrayed by Darrell Britt-Gibson

Character storylineEdit

Season 4Edit

O-Dog, real name Darius Hill, is a teenage soldier who is being trained to kill by Chris Partlow and Snoop Pearson in the fourth season. He is one of two prominent soldiers to arise from the second generation of Stanfield street recruits, the other being Michael Lee. O-Dog identifies closer with Snoop than Michael and consequently develops into a colder, more reckless soldier; this is in stark contrast to Michael, who seems to adopt Chris's lethal but cautious attitude. O-Dog is first seen delivering a package to Bodie, and throughout the season he guards Marlo and accompanies Snoop and Chris as extra muscle.He is one of the soldiers responsible for subduing Little Kevin and sending him to his death.He Murders Bodie on his corner with two shots to the head. He is also seen hanging out with Michael Lee when Monk Metcalf shoots Dennis "Cutty" Wise, showing little empathy for Cutty.

Season 5Edit

By Season Five, he is recognized as a prominent enforcer under Marlo. His status within the organization makes him one of nine active targets listed on Omar's hitlist. When Marlo orders hits on a rival dealer's corner, O-Dog participates in it with Snoop and Monk, suggesting a drive-by. O-Dog is involved in an ambush on Omar Little and Donnie at Monk's apartment alongside Chris, Snoop and Michael; during the shootout, O-Dog is shot in the leg by Omar, using his trademark double-barrel shotgun. He is consequently relegated to the sidelines and is chosen by Chris and Snoop to take responsibility for their gun charges from the year prior. When the majority of leadership of the organization are detained in custody, O-Dog is shown regrouping with Snoop and Michael at the latter's apartment as one of the last remaining prominent members not captured by police. He is last seen here wondering if he still has to take responsibility for the gun charge after Chris is arrested for other crimes, and is assumed to have abandoned the organization once Marlo and his lieutenants are locked up.

Murders committed by O-DogEdit


  • The popularity view was that Michael Lee murdered Bodie, but the killer was actually O-Dog. If you listen to the conversation Marlo had with Chris and Monk, you will hear that Marlo asks Chris to select someone that Bodie doesn't know.
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