Nerese Campbell
The Wire Campbell
First appearance "Boys of Summer" (episode 4.01)
Last appearance "-30-" (episode 5.10)
Reason/Cause End of season
Occupation Council President
Baltimore Mayor
Aliases None
Gender Female
Age 30s
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Episode Count 12 episodes
Portrayed by Marlyne Afflack

Nerese Campbell is the council president portrayed by Marlyne Afflack.


Nerese Campbell is the Democratic president of the Baltimore City council. She is the only member of Clarence Royce's campaign ticket to win election to their respective position. An attractive woman.

Season FourEdit

Campbell first appeared drawing the attention of the Mayor's security detail officers. Campbell is the leading voice of opposition to Mayor Tommy Carcetti's plan to fire Commissioner Ervin Burrell claiming that a good portion of her constituency would be against this action. She is close to the ministers and politicians from Clarence Royce's era and frequently uses that influence as leverage against Carcetti. She admits to Carcetti that a gentleman's agreement had been in place under Royce whereby she would become the next mayor at the end of his tenure and that resentment over having been passed over for the office is the source of much of her hostility to his policies. In turn, Carcetti alerts her that she may become mayor by default if he decides to run for governor in 2008. When issues pertaining to the city school system arise, Campbell suggests that Carcetti go to Maryland's Republican governor to "beg" for the money to solve the $54 million deficit that the district is running.

Season FiveEdit

In the fifth season, Campbell is seen to influence and intimidate several key figures in politics and the police department. When Clay Davis threatens to incriminate other politicians of the Royce administration when he feels ill-supported during his trial, it is Campbell who convinces him that it is more advantageous for him to go quietly. Otherwise, he would return from prison and have "nowhere to hang his hat" in Baltimore. She advises him to follow ex-Commissioner Burrell's example, who has been promoted to a more lucrative job after leaving quietly when Mayor Carcetti fired him over falsified crime statistics. Burrell had threatened Campbell to leak an FBI file about Cedric Daniels, Carcetti's candidate for new Commissioner, if the mayor fired him. Campbell retains the file and threatens Daniels in the last episode of season 5 to reveal it, if he doesn't comply with the mayor's orders to falsify the crime statistics. In the final montage of the series finale, it is revealed that Campbell becomes the Mayor of Baltimore after Tommy Carcetti leaves to become the Governor of Maryland.

Campbell bears similarities to former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon, who was the city council president and became mayor following Martin O'Malley's 2006 election as governor


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