Miss Dorquette
Miss Duquette was African-American teacher featured in The Wire, portrayed by Stacie Davis.

Plot summaryEdit

Miss Duquette is a Doctoral student who assists Dr. Parenti and Bunny Colvin in teaching the "corner kids" special class. A social sciences and psychology student, she uses several psychological techniques to get the children to describe themselves and how they feel about their roles in life.

Season FourEdit

As a rookie teacher from an educated and non-Baltimore City raised background, she is initially disrespected by many of the students especially the classes' two female students Chandra and Zenobia but she eventually manages to manipulate the children into articulating their problems and talk about how or why they should improve themselves. When school officials decide to pull the plug on the program, she assists Colvin and Parenti in protesting the program's end claiming that the students have actually made progress in the class as human beings. The program is nonetheless shutdown.

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