Below is a list of all the deaths that occurred in the HBO dramatic series, The Wire. If there are any missing, please feel free to add to the list.

Season indexEdit

Season 1 (2002) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 Snot Boogie AKA Omar Isaiah Betts Gunshot wound Unknown/The Streets The Target
2 William Gant Single headshot close-range, bullet pancaked on inner skull. Marquis "Bird" Hilton The Target
3 John Bailey Shot to death. (Offscreen Murder) Wee-Bey Brice & Bird Hilton The Pager
4 Brandon Wright Cut  in a dozen places, burned  with cigarettes. Wee-Bey Brice, Stinkum & Bird The Wire
5 Kiesha Cocaine Overdose. Technically Wee-Bey Brice, Stinkum & Little Man Lessons
6 Anton "Stinkum" Artis Shot in the chest. Omar Little Lessons
7 Wendell "Orlando" Blocker Shot by close-range GSWs to the shoulder, chest, and left arm. Wee-Bey Brice & Little Man The Cost
8 Little Man off screen murder in Druid Hill. Wee-Bey Brice The Hunt
9 Nakeesha Lyles Gunshot to the head. Unknown Barksdale Enforcer Cleaning Up
10 Wallace Shot 3 times to death. Bodie Broadus & Poot Carr Cleaning Up

Season 2 (2003)Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 14 Immigrant Women

1 beaten to death and thrown off of a bridge.

All remaining 13 suffocated to death from a sabotaged air pipe in a cargo container.

Sam, The Atlantic Light Crewman Ebb Tide
2 Sam, The Atlantic Light Crewman Tortured and slashed to death also head & hands taking off. Spiros Vondas via Sergei Malatov Collateral Damage
3 5 Inmates in Jessup Correctional Facility Overdose of Hot Shots Avon Barksdale Hot Shots
4 D'Angelo Barksdale Strangled to death. Unnamed Inmate hired by Stringer Bell All Prologue
6 T.T. (9-year-old innocent bystander) Hit by a stray bullet from a gunfight through his bedroom window. 1 of the drug dealers in a street war. Stray Rounds
7 Steven L. Miles (Ziggy’s duck) Alcohol Poisoning

Technically Ziggy Sobotka

Stray Rounds
8 George "Double G" Glekas Shot to death. Ziggy Sobotka Storm Warnings
9 Frank Sobotka Stabbed, repeatedly. Torso, abdomen, and they cut his throat to be sure. Single-edged blade, he fought too! Defense wounds on both hands The Greeks Port in a Storm

Season 3 (2004)Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 Jelly Gunshot to the head in broad daylight. Tree (Cheese's dealer) All Due Respect
2 Tosha Mitchell Accidental gunshot to the head during gunfight Dante Dead Soldiers
3 Tank Gunshot to the chest during a gunfight. Kimmy Dead Soldiers
4 Bonquesiha Jenkins Offscreen murder Unknown Dead Soldiers
5 Ray Cole Heart Attack None Dead Soldiers
6 Chipper Gunshot to the head. Stanfield Organization Homecoming
7 Country Several gunshots. Stanfield Organization Homecoming
8 Boo Shot to death. Slim Charles Homecoming
9 Rico Shot to death through a motorbike drive-by. Snoop Pearson Back Burners
10 Tatar Shotgun driveby through an SUV window. Chris Partlow Moral Midgetry
11 Officer Derrick Waggoner Multiple gunshot wounds. Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski Slapstick
12 LaTroy Gunshot wounds Barksdale Organization Reformation
14 Devonne She was shot one in the mouth, one in each tit. Marlo Stanfield Reformation
15 Stringer Bell's bodyguard Shotgun to the stomach Omar Little Middle Ground
16 Stringer Bell Gunshots to the chest, execution style Omar Little & Brother Mouzone Middle Ground
17 Johnny Weeks Drug overdose None Mission Accomplished

Season 4 (2006)Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 Unnamed dealer Gunshot to the head. Chris Partlow Boys of Summer
2 Fruit Shot in the left temple, close-range Curtis "Lex" Anderson Boys of Summer
3 Curtis "Lex" Anderson Gunshots, then left to rot in a vacant Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Boys of Summer
4 Fredo Braddock (Witness in a drug case) Shot to death Unknown/The Streets Soft Eyes
5 Unnamed security guard Shot to death in a vacant. Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Refugees
6 Unnamed delivery woman Shot in the heart. Chris Partlow Alliances
7 Colonel Raymond Foerster Died of cancer. None Corner Boys
8 New York boy in a vacant Shot to death, then left to rot in a vacant Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Corner Boys
9 New York dealer Gunshot to the head. Chris Partlow Corner Boys
10 3 other New York dealers Off-screen murders Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Corner Boys
11 Old Face Andre Shot to death. Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Know Your Place
12 Little Kevin Shot to death. Chris Partlow Misgivings
13 Devar Manigault Beaten to death. Chris Partlow Misgivings
14 Sherrod Drug overdose/Hot Shots. Technically Bubbles That's Got His Own
15 Bodie Broadus Gunshot bullets to the head twice. O-Dog Final Grades
16 Unnamed drug dealer Gunshot bullet to the head. Michael Lee Final Grades

Season 5 (2008)Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 Unknown Corner Boy Gunned down Snoop Pearson Uncomfirmed Reports
2 Junebug & 2 Others All shot to death Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Unconfirmed Reports
3 Butchie's bodyguard Gunshot to the head Snoop Pearson Not for Attribution
4 Butchie Shot and tortured to death Chris Partlow Not for Attribution
5 Hungry Man Shot to death Cheese Wagstaff Transitions
6 Proposition Joe Gunshot to the head Chris Partlow Transitions
7 Donnie Gunshot to the head Chris Partlow React Quotes
8 Manny Gunshot to the chest Omar Little Took
9 Savino Bratton Gunshot to the head Omar Little Took
10 Omar Little Gunshot to the head Kenard Clarifications
11 Snoop Pearson Gunshot to the head Michael Lee Late Editions
12 Cheese Wagstaff Gunshot to the head Slim Charles -30-

Non-chronological & Random deathsEdit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Referenced
1 Unknown old man Death unknown N/A The Target
2 Pooh Blanchard Shot in the 221 towers D'Angelo Barksdale The Target
3 Maurice Scroggins Shot in the back of the head twice Barksdale Organization The Target
4 Roland Legget and Toreen Boyd Shot to death in the projects in 2001 with a 9mm Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice The Target
5 Dierdre Kresson Shot through a glass window with a 9mm Wee-Bey Brice via D'Angelo Barksdale Old Cases
6 Bodie's mother Possibly murdered or drug overdose Unknown/The Streets The Pager
7 Ladontay (Dwight Tilghman's cousin) Murdered before 2003 Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice Collateral Damage
8 Random guy in autopsy room Shot to death Unknown/The Streets Hot Shots
9 Mau Mau Willis Murdered sometime before or in 2003 Sergei Malatov & Eton Ben-Eleazer Bad Dreams
10 3 Corner boys All shot to death N/A Time After Time
11 Elijah Davis Shot to death in 1990 Dennis "Cutty" Wise Time After Time
12 James Broadus Death Unknown N/A Hamsterdam
13 Unseen Man Shot to death before or in 2004 Marlo Stanfield Straight & True
14 Pooh Bear Shot in both chests and mouth Marlo Stanfield Straight & True
15 Random dealer in Hamsterdam Shot in the head and torso A dealer of Barksdale Organization Slapstick
16 Dealer of Fruit's crew Shot in the head Barksdale Organization Reformation
18 Random Guy Unknown death N/A Refugees
19 Random Guy Shot in the head N/A Unto Others
20 Random guy in a vacant Shot to death Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Corner Boys
21 Another body in a vacant Shot to death Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson A New Day
22 15 more bodies in vacants All shot to death Possibly Chris Partlow & Snoop Pearson Final Grades
23 Unknown elderly woman Natural/Unknown N/A Unconfirmed Reports
24 Random Guy Drug Overdose (McNulty serial killer tampering) Drugs Unconfirmed Reports
25 Random Homeless Guy Natural causes None Transitions
26 Another Random Guy Drug Overdose Drugs Transitions
27 Random Guy Unknown N/A A Dickenhart Aspect
28 Random Homeless Guy Beaten to death The Homeless Guy who collects business cards Late Editions
29 Random Homeless Guy Beaten to death The Homeless Guy who collects business cards -30-
30 Random dead boy in the street. Shot in the chest N/A -30-


  • In total there are at least 87 deaths.
  • Chris Partlow had the most kills all though most are off-screen murders.
  • D'Angelo Barksdale was the only major character to get killed by a unknown character.
  • Episode "Ebb Tide" had the most on-screen deaths 14.
  • In the four years covered by the story only one Baltimore police officer is shown shooting and killing a person. And that victim there is another police officer (Prez accidentally shoots Waggoner).
  • 4 characters died of a drug overdose.
  • T.T. was the youngest character to be killed off in The Wire.
  • Raymond Foerster was the only character to die of cancer.
  • Ray Cole was the only character to die of a heart attack.
  • Prez was the only character to kill another character (Derrick Waggoner) who was also a cop and he accidentally shot him when he didn't know he was part of the police.
  • Spiros was the first major character to kill a main character (Frank Sobotka).
  • Omar was the second major character to kill another main character (Stringer Bell), all though Brother Mouzone also killed Stringer.
  • Chris has the title for most on-screen kills with 11.
  • 6 main characters got killed off, which was in order D'Angelo, Frank Sobotka, Stringer, Bodie, Proposition Joe & Omar.
  • Snot Boogie was the first character to get killed.
  • Cheese was the last character to get killed off.
  • Avon is best friends with Stringer but he is responsible for Stringer's death as he told Brother Mouzone where Stringer is going to be the next day.