Curtis Anderson
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Lex as seen after killing Fruit
First appearance "Boys of Summer" (episode 4.01)
Last appearance "A New Day" (episode 4.11) (as corpse)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Chris Partlow & Snoop
Occupation. Drug dealer
Aliases Lex
Gender Male
Age 19 (deceased)
Date of Death September 10th 2006
Affiliations Bodie Broadus
Spouse Patrice (ex girlfriend)
Children One
Relatives Cantrell (Cousin)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Kill Count One
Episode Count One
Portrayed by Norman Jackson
"Sup Patrice?"
Lex Anderson[src]

Curtis "Lex" Anderson was a African-American drug dealer, portrayed by Norman Jackson.

Character overviewEdit

Season FourEdit

Curtis 'Lex' Anderson is one of the independent drug dealers on Bodie Broadus's corner on Hiltop Avenue. Lex's first scene is Lex and Bodie are talking about Patrice and Bodie tells Lex that Patrice is with Stanfield dealer Fruit and to forget about it. They are approached by Ellis Carver who has been Sergent of the Western District for a while Lex is sweeping the ground. later Lex waits for Patrice and Fruit to leave the nightclub, Lex Shoot's Fruit in the head and says to Patrice "sup Patrice".

Following Fruit's murder Marlo Stanfield meets with his lieutenants including the bloodthirsty Monk and Tote and more reserved Partlow. Tote suggests they kill all of Lex's crew but on the suggestion of Chris, Marlo decides that since Lex was acting alone, he alone must die.

Little Kevin buys snacks from Randy, tells him to keep the change, and in exchange for the gratuity asks Randy to deliver a message to Lex - that Patrice wants to meet him behind the playground after 8pm. When Lex arrives for the meeting he finds Snoop and Partlow lying in wait. Bunk and Carver try to find Lex on his usual corner, but when they are unsuccessful that night, they decide to return the next day. Later, Randy sells food to Bodie's crew as they play dice. Little Kevin gives Randy a good deal of cash for following his instructions and tells him that Lex is dead. Meanwhile, Snoop and Chris Partlow board up another vacant row house after hiding Lex's body within. Randy sits on his stoop brooding over his involvement until he is called inside by his foster mother. Bunk is seen in the season trying to figure out who killed Lex.

Kill countEdit


  • Fruit: Shot to the side of the head, murdered for being with the mother of his child. (2006)