Karim Williams
Karim Williams was a African-American student featured in The Wire, portrayed by

Character summaryEdit

Karim is a student at Edward Tilghman middle school who hopes to become an NBA basketball player and sports an afro.

Season FourEdit

He is in Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski’s math class with his friends Randy Wagstaff and Namond Brice. Karim is a minor character, when there is word that Randy has been snitching he takes a dislike in Randy. His last appearance is when Prez tells him to teach the class.

The School

Michael Lee - Namond Brice - Randy Wagstaff - Dukie Weems - Donut - Marcia Donnelly - Claudell Withers - Darnell Tyson - David Parenti - Zenobia Dawson - Crystal Judkins - Albert Stokes - Karim Williams - Grace Sampson

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