Thomas Pukusa
The Wire Horseface
First appearance "Ebb Tide" (episode 2.01)
Last appearance "Port in a Storm" (episode 2.12)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Occupation. Smuggler/Dock worker
Aliases Horseface
Gender Male
Age 50s

Affiliations The Docks
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count None
Episode Count 13
Portrayed by Jeffrey Pratt Gordon

Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa is a fictional character on HBO drama The Wire, portrayed by Charley Scalies.

Character storylineEdit

Season 2Edit

Checker from Frank Sobotka's union who assists him in moving contraband through the port. Horse was responsible for stealing Valchek's surveillance van in the union's feud with the police major. Horse was arrested and put on trial along with Eton Ben-Eleazer following the details investigation of smuggling through the Baltimore docks. The outcome of his trial is not shown, though Nick Sobotka testified that Horseface knew nothing of the smuggling.

The Docks

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