Elena McNulty
PDVD 032
First appearance "Old Cases" (episode 1.04)
Last appearance "React Quotes" (episode 5.05)
Reason/Cause End of storyline
Occupation House saleswoman
Aliases None
Gender Female
Age 30s
Spouse Jimmy McNulty (Ex-Husband)
Dennis (Boyfriend)
Children Two
Relatives Michael McNulty (Son)
Sean McNulty (Son)
Episode Count 12 episodes
Portrayed by Callie Thorne

Elena McNulty is a Ex-Wife of Jimmy McNulty portrayed by Callie Thorne, Callie has role played in all 5 Seasons.


Elena is Jimmy McNulty's estranged wife. They have two children together Sean and Michael.

Season OneEdit

Elena is angered by Jimmy due to catching him in bed with another woman. She uses her lawyer to try to destroy Jimmy throughout the first season as much as she can. She is also protective of her sons and worries that Jimmy is a dangerous influence on them because of his drinking. When he exposed them to danger by having them tail the subject of his investigation, Stringer Bell, she filed for an emergency order to prevent him from seeing the boys. At the court hearing the judge convinced them to work out arrangements between themselves.

Season TwoEdit

Elena was seen at work as a realtor showing a house to Nick Sobotka. Jimmy tried to initiate a reconciliation with Elena and considerably cleaned up his drinking habits and behaviour. The two slept together but in the morning Elena asked Jimmy to leave as she felt it would be unfair on her sons for them to see him in the house.

Season ThreeEdit

Elena is established as seriously dating a man named Dennis who appears at Orioles Baseball games in the front row wearing a suit and spending most of the game talking on a cell phone. Jimmy's partner Bunk Moreland suspects that Dennis is a downtown lawyer due to his appearance and mannerisms.

Season FourEdit

Elena saw that Jimmy was becoming more stable as a patrolmen and stated to him that "If I knew you were going to grow up to be a grown up..." suggesting that she wishes she was the one reaping the benefits of this new Jimmy McNulty.

Season FiveEdit

When Jimmy goes back to drinking, she is being told by Beadie Russell that Jimmy is staying out late getting drunk, Elena tells McNulty to stop his drinking, and also telling him she is thinking of leaving him which reminded Elena of how Jimmy use to do that to her.