First appearance "Margin of Error" (episode 4.06)
Last appearance "React Quotes" (episode 5.05)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Stanfield Organization
Occupation. Stick up artist
Aliases Don
Gender Male
Age 50s (deceased)
Date of Death February 3rd 2008
Affiliations Omar Little & associates
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count None
Episode Count 6
Portrayed by Larry "Donnie" Andrews

Donnie was a soldier to Omar's crew and for Butchie portrayed by Larry "Donnie" Andrews.


Donnie is a friend of Butchie's who acts as muscle for him.

Season FourEdit

When Omar Little is arrested Butchie sends Big Guy and Donnie to protect him and they both deliberately get imprisoned.

Season FiveEdit

Donnie joins Omar in seeking revenge from the Stanfield Organization after they torture and kill Butchie. Donnie suggests they target Monk as a Stanfield lieutenant. Chris Partlow sets an ambush for Omar and Donnie at Monk's apartment and Donnie is shot and killed by Michael Lee and Chris.


Donnie is played by Larry "Donnie" Andrews, whose real life exploits inspired much of the character of Omar. Andrews is married to Francine Boyd, whom David Simon wrote about in The Corner.

Omar Little & associates

Omar Little - Butchie - Brandon Wright - Dante - Reneldo - John Bailey - Tosha Mitchell - Kimmy - Donnie - Big Guy

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