Devar Manigault
Devar Manigault
First appearance "Corner Boys" (episode 4.08)
Last appearance "Misgivings" (episode 4.10)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Chris Partlow
Occupation. Former prisoner
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age Late 30s (deceased)
Date of Death November 19th 2006
Affiliations None
Spouse Raylene Lee (Girlfriend)
Children One
Relatives Bug Manigault (Son)
Michael Lee (Stepson)
Kill Count None
Episode Count 3
Portrayed by Cyrus Farmer

Devar Manigault was a African-American character featured on The Wire, portrayed by Cyrus Farmer

Character storylineEdit

Season FourEdit

Devar Manigault is Raylene Lee's domestic partner, father to her younger son Aaron "Bug" Manigault. Fans frequently refer to him as the stepfather of Raylene's older son Michael Lee, though he never actually married her. Devar is feared by Michael and it is implied that Michael suffered sexual abuse by Devar. Shortly after Devar is released from prison he is savagely beaten to death by Chris Partlow at Michael's behest. Because Chris leaves DNA at the crime scene, he is ultimately arrested for this murder.

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