Damien Lavelle Price
First appearance "One Arrest" (episode 1.08)
Last appearance "Took" (episode 5.07)
Occupation Driver for Clay Davis
Aliases Day Day
Gender Male
Age 30s

Damien Lavelle Price (also known as "Day Day") is an aide to Senator Clay Davis portrayed by Donnell Rawlings.


He is a convicted felon who appears unrefined on several occasions contemplating heists in public and stating things in the court room such as "Y'all tryin' to 'criminate me" while on the witness stand.

Season OneEdit

He acts as a bag man in collecting cash from drug organizations. Price is arrested with a bag of cash after making a pick-up from the Barksdale Organization in season 1 but is released without charge when Davis pressures Deputy Commissioner Ervin Burrell.

Season FiveEdit

Price reappears in season 5 testifying as part of the case against Davis.

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