Marquis Hilton
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First appearance "The Pager" (episode 1.05)
Last appearance "All Prologue" (episode 2.06)
Reason/Cause Incarecrated
Occupation. Enforcer/Prisoner
Aliases Bird
Gender Male
Age 30s
Date of Conviction July 6th 2003
Affiliations Barksdale Organization
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count Three
Episode Count Three
Portrayed by Fredro Starr

Marquis "Bird" Hilton is one of the Barksdale Soldiers and fouled mouth portrayed by rapper Fredro Starr.

Character storylineEdit

Season 1Edit

Marquis "Bird" Hilton was a foul-mouthed soldier in the Barksdale crew who is involved in the brutal murder of Omar Little's boyfriend and accomplice Brandon. As revenge, Omar tells police that Bird murdered a state witness against D'Angelo Barksdale, as a warning to others not to testify. Because the police need a witness, Omar agrees to falsely testify that he saw Bird shoot Gant with his signature gun. Omar further tells the police they would find Bird taking drugs (contrary to the rules of the Barksdale organization) and that they should be careful, as Bird is reckless. The arrest is made, and a ballistics report matches Bird's gun to the killing. Bird is beaten for his disrespectful attitude by Detective Greggs, Lieutenant Daniels and Sergeant Landsman.

Season 2Edit

Bird is seen in court of law, when Omar Little testifies against him on the murder of William Gant, when Stringer Bell is sat in court with Shaun MacGinty and Tank, Bird then loses his temper, Stringer walks away from the courthouse, Jimmy McNulty thinks Omar is a good witness on trial and Judge Daniel Phelan sends Bird incacerated with life without the possibility of parole.

Murders committed by BirdEdit

  • William Gant: Single headshot close-range, bullet pancaked on inner skull. (2002)
  • John Bailey: Gunshot wounds. (Offscreen Murder) (2002)
  • Brandon Wright: Cut him in a dozen places, burned him with cigarettes. (2002)
Barksdale Organization

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