Andy Krawczyk
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Krawczyk as seen talking to homicide detective
First appearance "Collateral Damage" (episode 2.02)
Last appearance "-30-" (episode 5.10)
Reason/Cause End of season
Occupation. Property developer
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 40s

Affiliations Frank Sobotka
Stringer Bell
Clay Davis
Maurice Levy
Spouse Unspecified
Children Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 14
Portrayed by Michael Willis

Andy Krawczyk is a property developer who is at least marginally corrupt.. He is portrayed by Michael Willis. 

Plot summaryEdit

Season 2Edit

Krawczyk is a property developer who is at least marginally corrupt. He discusses Frank Sobotka's union business with Major Valchek. He is working on a model of the prospective grain pier condominium development which Sobotka is against. He is later shown breaking ground on the development with State Senator Davis.

Seasons 3Edit

In season three, Krawczyk is revealed to be the property developing consultant to Stringer Bell. He is constantly trying to calm Stringer down, explaining the business to him, and is ultimately present when Omar Little comes calling on Bell for revenge.

Season 4 & 5Edit

In season four, he continues to make campaign donations to Clarence Royce in exchange for assistance with his property developments. Krawczyk is also a regular fixture at Royce's fundraising poker games, where players deliberately lose (to get around campaign finance laws). Detective Kima Greggs personally serves Krawczyk, who does not seem particularly worried by this, with a subpoena for financial records, as part of Lester Freamon's investigation into the Barksdale money trail. He is shown in seasons four and five in scene's showing his political influence and trying to get "in" the new administration. In one of the mayor's meetings he is also revealed to be president of the school board, and takes no responsibility for the system's debt. There is some suggestive dialogue in the scene that hints he may be involved in the defrauding of the school budget.


  • Michael Willis was previously a recurring character on David Simon's previous show, Homicide: Life on the Street, playing a corrupt deceitful lawyer.

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